Taking Risks + Talking Track Pants

It dawned on me as I went to write this post that I get some of the same type of questions/comments sent to me all the time. People are always commenting or sending me notes saying they like my outfit but that they could never pull it off. I can pretty much predict I’ll get a couple of those with this outfit. Not that I’m predicting that people will love it, haha, but that if someone likes it they’ll feel like they can’t wear it for some reason or another. And first off, I totally understand. But take this look with these super cool track pants…

Clothing can sometimes be intimidating. We see outfits we like or pieces we think look cool but tell ourselves we can’t rock them. That’s how I felt about cropped pants for  a long time. That they were too “trendy” or only for the coolest of the cool. What does that even mean? I found an affordable pair (got these guys from Forever 21 and they look very similar to the popular pair from Adidas). The price let me take them for a test drive and honestly, I’m digging them. But it’s a good reminder that so much of a great look is your confidence wearing it. You can’t doubt yourself. If you want to wear it, wear it. Take risks. They might not always pay off, but try it out. In this case, I’m happy to report, that the risk paid off. I love the pants, love the look and… it’s comfortable!

Key takeaway? Ignore what you think others might think and be yourself. Confidence is key my friends!


Pants: Forever 21 (similar) // Tee: Gap // Shoes: Converse // Sunglasses: c/o WearMe Pro // Watch: c/0 Timex

This post contains affiliate links on which I make a small commission. This post may contain product I was gifted in exchange for writing a post but all opinions and thoughts are solely my own. 🙂 



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