Moody Summer Menswear

I’m heading into a four day weekend and I cannot wait. This summer has already been mighty hot here but it’s looking like it’s going to cool down slightly making it the perfect summer weekend! Summer is typically all about light, bright colors. But what if you want to show off your dark side? Go for it! Taking something traditional and spinning it on it’s head is what personal style is all about. Taking risks and seeing what happens (but I’ve already talked about that recently).

Take these seersucker shorts. Seersucker is a traditional spring/summer fabric. Fun fact, it was designed to circulate air and keep you cooler which is why we wear it when it’s warm. With this pair, Banana Republic mixed it up and instead of the classic blue and white, created a moodier version using navy and blue. It’s a stylish alternative that’ll help you stand out in a sea of plain old seersucker. Plus they really perfected the fit, paying attention to the narrow fit and the perfect length. I paired them with this super lightweight Havana style shirt from Topman and the dark color really makes the shorts pop. Love the black and blue combo.

Speaking of summer but sort of unrelated. I’ve been working on what I think is the perfect summer playlist. I think I’ll post it in my next post but if you want to get a head start and follow along on Spotify now, by all means do. You can find me here. I was late to the Spotify game but starting to have fun building a ton of playlists so follow along and get ready for some great tunes. Going to post a workout playlist soon too. Anyways, see you on Spotify!

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Shorts: c/o Banana Republic // Shirt: Topman (similar) // Shoes: SeaVees // Sunglasses: RAEN

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