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My Favorite Cocktails of 2015

Looking for a last-minute cocktail to help ring in the new year with? Here are some of my favorite recipes from 2015. The best part about these guys is that they are all simple–I don’t have the patience to make complicated cocktails. I mean what’s the point in prolonging the drinking part? One of my resolutions is going to be that I post more recipes here on Brick&Vine. There are already millions out there but I swear to you that anything and everything I ever make, food or cocktail, is so simple. That’s what we need more of right? More ways to simplify our life while still elevating it. Anyways, enjoy my favorite cocktail recipes from 2015 and look forward to even more coming at ya in 2016!

Full disclosure: I’m a gin lover so the majority of these are gin-based. Enjoy!

Sage + Grapefruit Cocktail

At only 3 ingredients (not counting sugar since you can steal that from any coffee shop–not that I’m promoting stealing), this cocktail is sure to impress. Plus, it’s full of flavor with the citrusy grapefruit notes and the floral addition of the sage.

Hendricks Gin Sage Grapefruit Cocktail 6

A Scotch Lemonade 

It’s got hints of citrus and easy to double, triple, quadruple based upon the size of your crowd.

Cutty Sark Summer Punch 1

The Negroni: An Old Fashioned For Gin Lovers

Gin is my go to liquor. It’s my whiskey. So the Negroni is my Old Fashioned. Try it out, I promise you’ll love it.

Hendricks Negroni 1

Twisted Gin + Tonic Cocktail

I love a good gin and tonic so the addition of Aperol only makes it that much better.

Aperol Gin Citrus 6

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