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It Doesn’t Take An Aficionado To Appreciate Aperol

I am a cocktail aficionado. And what I mean by aficionado is that I love a good cocktail. Years of training and hard work have gone into being someone who can not only drink and enjoy a cocktail, but truly appreciate it. (NOTE: I have not actually been trained on anything related to alcohol, but I can dream can’t I?). Part of becoming someone as well-versed in cocktails as I is creating a well-stocked home bar. Sure, cocktails are wonderful when little to no effort goes into them. Wham, bam, $13 later and you’ve got some wonderful sipping. But what about those times when you’re at home and you want to whip up a truly delectable drink that has all the sophistication of a classy lounge but simple enough to handle on a Today was rough, I need a drink stat! kind of day.  Enter the home bar and no home bar would be complete without the perfect Italian apertif, Aperol.

Aperol has a distinct citrus flavor combined with a secret concoction of herbs and roots. I take this to mean that it has medicinal properties, however no science or medical reasoning back this claim. Perhaps the extent of its beneficial qualities is that it is the perfect addition to a citrus packed gin based cocktail. You will feel the stress literally leave your body with each small sip. Try the recipe below for the perfect end of summer cocktail.

COCKTAIL RECIPE (Makes 2 because one is never enough)

2 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice

1 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 oz. Aperol (I prefer a little more but start with 1 oz.)

3 oz. gin

Tonic water

Combine lime juice, lemon juice, Aperol, and gin into cocktail shaker with a few handfuls of ice. Shake until chilled. Split into two rocks glasses. Top with tonic water. Garnish with lemon or lime. Simple as that!

Aperol Gin Citrus 1 Aperol Gin Citrus 2 Aperol Gin Citrus 3 Aperol Gin Citrus 4Aperol Gin Citrus 6

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