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When it comes to shopping I want my experience to be easy, especially when shopping online. I don’t want to have to hunt too long to find what I’m looking for. And, most importantly, I want to know that when I hit the submit button at the end of my online shopping journey I will be confident in the products being delivered to my home. With Tailor4Less that is exactly what you will get. I was approached to put their unique shopping experience to the test and I have to say that I am beyond pleased.

Tailor4Less Outfit 6

Not only do they have a huge selection of customizable clothing (I’m talking shirts, suits, pants, etc.) but the degree to which you can customize is incredible. I mean there are 8 cuff options to choose from! I started with this great polka dot print because it was something that was lacking in my wardrobe. I customized my collar, cuff, breast pocket, placket, bottom, and back pleat. I even added my monogram at the cuff for a shirt that could not be more perfect for me if it tried. Did I mention you can customize the button hole thread? I went with black but would definitely try a different color next time. Then you enter in your measurements or you can use their quicker automatic sizing guide that I found highly accurate. I have to say that if you are searching for an affordable bespoke clothier, Tailor4Less provides a great quality garment at a great price with an entirely unique shopping experience. Definitely take them for a spin!

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