Reader Inquiry: Stylish Suiting On A Budget

I recently received an email with a question from a reader asking for a recommendation on purchasing a quality suit on a budget. It’s a dilemma that we have all faced. Whether you wear suits on a daily basis or just need to stock your closet with a few basics to pull out for weddings, job interviews, etc. I have found that there are plenty of options out there for affordable, yet stylish suiting. I don’t wear a suit on a daily basis but I do own a few and have purchased them with affordability and style in mind. I tend to break my suiting pieces up and wear them separately so that I can get the most wear out of the investment of a suit. If you are in the market for a suit that looks great but won’t leave you penniless check out these options below.

J.Crew (Approx. $700)

J.Crew makes amazing suits from high quality fabrics for a pretty decent price. You can walk out of there with an awesome suit for around $700. I have two suits from them. One I purchased for job interviews and the other I wore to my wedding so I have definitely trusted them for important moments in my life.  Plus they honor student discounts if you are a college student which is great if you are purchasing a suit for job interviews.

Bonobos (Approx. $525)

Bonobos recently launched their Jetsetter Suit which is a 4 season suit that is said to bounce back from almost any situation, perfect for guys on the go. Made to fit comfortably but staying on trend with a trim silhouette, the Jetsetter is available in a variety of colors and would make the perfect suit staple for any man’s closet.

Tailor4Less (Starting at $269)

Tailor4Less is a company I collaborated with in the past and they have an awesome concept. You enter your measurements and they essentially build you a custom suit (or shirt) to your specifications. They have over 150 fabrics/colors to choose from and the suits start at $269. Essentially, a custom-fit suit for under $300. I don’t have a suit from them but I do own one of their custom shirts and the fit is amazing so their system definitely works. I would definitely recommend checking them out.

H&M (Approx. $200)

Everyone knows H&M is a great place to shop for on-trend pieces at an affordable price. In recent years they have really dedicated some time and energy to their wear-to-work menswear and have come up with some great pieces. I have tons of work pants from them and they not only fit great but obviously hit at a more affordable price point. And surprisingly, they have lasted me forever. Their price point is definitely within reach of a college student on the cusp of graduating and on the hunt for their first suit for a job interview, but it also allows you to try out a trendier cut/style without investing a ton of money into it.


Thanks to Jackson for emailing me with his question! Hopefully I was able to shine a little light on a dilemma that every guy can relate to. Thanks for following along!

Got your own question? Struggling with something? Let me know and I’ll answer it best I can. Who knows? Maybe your question will end up here on Brick&Vine.

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