Hi, I’m Ryan, and I started Brick&Vine as a way to explore my passion for all things stylish. Whether it’s a great outfit, an amazing room, or even a good Instagram post, I’m a sucker for anything and everything stylish.

I’m a self-proclaimed old soul who loves a good book (even though I hardly find the time to read), a night in (Netflix pretty much owns my life), a nice shawl-collar cardigan, a nice piece of rustic wood, and a nice (large) glass of red wine. I was born and raised, and still live today in Orange County, CA so you will see me complain about how the weather is annoyingly consistent. I am not a full time blogger. I have a day job in social media and PR for a company that’s focused on health and fitness. That keeps me pretty busy but I love exploring my other interests here with you guys. I studied creative writing and literature in college and I worked for 6 years or so as a personal stylist for J.Crew (where I met my wife) so this site is a culmination of all of the things I am passionate about. Throw in a little social media of which I am a hardcore nutjob for and this site pretty much sums me up.

Personal style is completely and utterly fascinating to me. I try to bring my own perspective and personality to all my looks. My style definitely has California casual bred into it so you won’t see me running around town in a 3-piece suit often.

I am obsessed with grooming products. I’ve probably tried just about everything and love when I find a product that works great. Whether it’s a new grooming spray or a really effective skin moisturizer, this section is all about making sure you look and feel your best, starting in the bathroom. Have a grooming question? Send me a note and I’ll answer it as best I can.


Are you a full-time blogger? 

No, I work full-time for a fitness brand managing all aspects of their social media and PR marketing initiatives. Takes up a lot of my time so sometimes I go a week or so without a new post–sorry!

Who shoots your photos?

Most of my blog photos are shot by my wife. She’s also a fashion/lifestyle blogger (find her here: http://www.topitoffmel.com) and we usually shoot each others photos. I have been known to use a tripod and remote on occasion too–whatever works! Shoot everything on a basic Canon Rebel T5i and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

What size do you wear?

Get this a lot and it’s helpful to know when you’re deciding how to style your own looks. I’m 6′ and weigh about 170lbs. I’m a 30in waist (wear 30×32 in pants). On top it depends… Pretty much always a Medium on top unless it’s a pullover sweater or cardigan, then I’m a small. Shoes I’m a size 9.5. If you ever have a question about fit or sizing, shoot me a DM.

Welcome to Brick&Vine! Like what you see? Connect with me on social media, I’m always looking for new friends.

Have feedback? Need a personal stylist? Shoot me an email or connect with me on social media.

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