Weekend Web Browsing // 10

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Weekend Web Browsing post and I sort of miss doing it. I’m going to try and post one or two (at least) each month. I don’t know about you, but time is flying by lately. It seemed like January took forever and now February is basically halfway over. Time might also be flying by because each day brings me closer to fatherhood… Only 12 weeks away! That is both exciting and scary at the same time. Enjoy my favorite things from this week friends and have a great weekend.

First off, the Winter Olympics start tonight (at least the opening ceremony is on tonight) and I’m an Olympic nut! I prefer the Summer Olympics but any excuse to sit on the couch and judge the world’s top athletes, I’m in! Here’s the full schedule.

Not sure if you knew or not, but I have my own sock company. Pretty cool, right? I have five basic designs that will work casually or formally. The best part? They’re all made right here in the United States! Even better? Through 2/14 they’re 20% off with code VDAY. Go show some love and buy a pair or two.

The song “Best Friends” by Sofi Tukker is pretty amazing and it’s now on my workout playlist. Give it a listen here.

I love reading straightforward, simple health and fitness articles. This one is really good for those looking to reset on a strict diet. For me personally, eating like this isn’t sustainable, but it’s a good way to start understanding what types of foods do what, what they provide for your body, and what it takes to see your abs.

Coconut oil is apparently not as friendly as we were all told it was.

I just got my second Fossil Q Explorist smartwatch and I’m in love. I’ve never liked that most smartwatches don’t look like actual watches. Enter Fossil and now you’ve got an actual watch that’s smart (not just a big old computer on your wrist). Plus, right now you can get 25% off everything on fossil.com so go check it out!


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