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Old Navy Mens Spring Indigo

It’s taken me years to truly appreciate living in Southern California. Quick backstory… I was born and raised in Orange County, California and have no plan to leave in the near future. See? Wasn’t that quick. And while I’ve always lived here, I’ve always sort of complained about it. If you go back through my blog in fact, I’m pretty sure every third post is me complaining about the weather here in Southern California. See, it’s a classic example of wanting what you can’t have. I always wanted seasons and snow and cold weather. Here it’s essentially in the seventies year round, hotter in the summer (like 90-100 degrees) and only slightly cooler in the winter. We get drizzles sometimes and when it actually rains the world essentially stops. I always fondly viewed the snow days and (extremely) cold temps the rest of the country can sometimes endure. But I think this year, that all changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love bundling up and wearing sweaters and jackets. To be honest, my jacket collection is a little obscene for California. But I digress… Living in Southern California is really what you think it is. Warm, sunny days and I’ve realized that that is alright. I feel like this is the first year I stopped fighting the climate and started dressing appropriately for where I live. I’ve finally embraced California style. My style is more casual while still pulled together and I’m not forcing anything. Typically, I’d have layered a look with a wool topcoat layered over a flannel and shawl collar cardigan with work boots. Who was I kidding? I’m not slushing through snow. I’m not fighting the elements (other than the sun).

Now I rock a lot of sweatshirts and crewneck sweaters, tons of denim and indigo pieces with a boatload of sneakers. And I like it. Maybe next winter I’ll be writing about how I hate the constantly temperate weather again, but until then, I’m sort of enjoying my newfound love of the California climate. So much so that I’m rocking a Cali sweatshirt from Old Navy, haha. But in all seriousness, how cool is this sweatshirt? (That sentence alone would not have been written on my blog two years ago). Old Navy is ready for Spring and I’m ready for it too. Light layers is what this time of year is all about, at least here in So Cal. It’s cool in the morning and then slowly warms up until you’re like should we go to the beach? Loving this indigo shirt with its small tribal print. Layering the indigo shirt over the sweatshirt gives the whole look a casual but still pulled together sort of vibe. And the looser fitting jeans paired with a crisp white sneaker just make the whole look feel casual and spring-ready. Spring it on!


Jeans, Sweatshirt and Shirt c/o Old Navy // Shoes c/o Vionic Shoes // Sunglasses c/o Sunglass.LAOld Navy Mens Spring Indigo

Old Navy Mens Spring Indigo Old Navy Mens Spring IndigoOld Navy Mens Spring IndigoOld Navy Mens Spring Indigo Old Navy Mens Spring IndigoOld Navy Mens Spring IndigoOld Navy Mens Spring Indigo Old Navy Mens Spring IndigoOld Navy Mens Spring IndigoOld Navy Mens Spring Indigo Old Navy Mens Spring Indigo

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