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Smoked Cinnamon Old Fashioned Recipe

The holidays are all about spending time eating and drinking with family and friends. There’s nothing better than playing a little Christmas music and sipping a good cocktail next to a Christmas tree. In thinking of a holiday cocktail that would be perfect for a small Christmas gathering, I knew I’d need to incorporate cinnamon. This cocktail is super simple, even though it requires lighting something on fire, and would be easy to make for a small group.

I coordinated my outfit with how this cocktail tastes. Simple and sophisticated with a dash of festive fun. My sweater is from Banana Republic and it’s perfect for a mellow holiday gathering. It’s got this great basketweave, waffle texture and the color is one of my favorites for winter. If you don’t have a camel sweater, you need to get one. I added these specs from Sunglass LA–they’re the perfect accessory for sipping a cozy cocktail. I wear glasses, but feel more comfortable in contacts from a vision perspective. But I love the look glasses add to a look so a nice faux pair as an affordable accessory is a great way to go.

Back to the cocktail. I really wanted to try a smoked cocktail. I was sort of intimidated by the concept because, well, fire. But it was actually really easy. This cocktail is great if you like subtle flavors and you’ve got to like whiskey. Imagine a grown up fireball cocktail… This is it. Give it a try–it really is super easy to make.

RECIPE (makes 1 drink)

1.5oz Whiskey (I used Bulleit bourbon)

A few dashes Angostura bitters

1 teaspoon sugar (optional)

1 cinnamon stick

Orange peel

Okay so here’s the deal. I like whiskey and a good old fashioned but I sometimes think they’re a little sweet. And if you don’t like the sweetness, then why add the sugar and the calories, right? Save those for that extra serving of mashed potatoes. So sweeten however you like. A traditional recipe would call for a teaspoon of sugar (or one sugar cube). I used less, about a quarter of that.

Start off by burning your cinnamon stick. Get a flame and get your cinnamon stick burning a bit. It won’t burst into flames so don’t be afraid. Once it’s burning a little remove the flame and it should be smoking a bit. Place your smoking cinnamon stick on a heat-safe plate and place your cocktail glass over it. This allows the smoke to swirl around and coat your glass. I thought these coup glasses gave the cocktail a fun, festive holiday flair but you can use whatever glass you like.

While your smoke swirls around, add your sugar (to taste), Angostura bitters and whiskey to your cocktail mixing glass. Mix to get the sugar to dissolve a bit. Add ice and stir to chill your drink. Get your glass and rub an orange peel (peel with this) along the rim and throw into your glass. Strain and pour your cocktail into your glass. Add a cinnamon stick to the mix as a garnish if you’d like. Sip and enjoy!


Glasses: c/o Sunglass LA // Sweater: c/o Banana Republic

This post contains product I was gifted in exchange for writing a post but all opinions and thoughts are solely my own. This post contains affiliate links where I make a small commission, but they are all tools that I use and encourage you to get. 

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