Green Means Go

Sometimes getting dressed requires a lot of thinking. There are days when I try on 5 different things before resorting to my favorite t-shirt or pair of jeans I wear all the time. It doesn’t always work out the way you plan. And I think that can lead a lot of guys to get frustrated. But, you also have days when you put something on and it just works out. This outfit is one I didn’t think too much about, but it turned out great. I swear that’s the power of stripes. A classic striped tee can fix almost any style problem. But this post isn’t really about stripes. Just know that they’re great.

Footwear this time of year can be a challenge if you live in warmer climates because no one wants to pull on a heavy pair of boots when it’s hot out. And I would promise not to bring it up again, but I can’t make that sort of promise… today in Orange County it’s 100 degrees and I’m dying. It’s October (almost November) and it’s 100 degrees. It’s. The. Worst.

That disgusting fact aside, these leather loafers are the perfect fall footwear choice for when it’s still triple digits outside. They’re easy to slip on (and even easier to slip off when you need to cool off for a second) and you can wear them with no-shows which will also keep you slightly cooler. The leather and the gorgeous green color screams fall for me and I’m loving them with the coordinating olive fedora. It sort of frames the look in fall vibes and I like sneaking as much fall in this time of year as possible.

I am really hoping that the weather takes a turn for the cooler so I can jump into fall full force. But until then, I’m sitting here, green with envy that of anyone who’s enjoying cool fall weather. I’ll just be here melting and trying to look my best.

This post contains product I was gifted in exchange for writing a post but all opinions and thoughts are solely my own. 


Shoes: c/o Sebago //  Jeans: c/o Old Navy // Shirt: Banana Republic (similar) // Hat: c/o San Diego Hat Company // Watch: c/o Timex

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