Live in Color

A lot of guys, myself included, shy away from color. I tend to stick to a lot of denim and white. And tons of gray and black in the winter. But spring is the perfect time to reach outside your comfort zone a bit and try something a little brighter. Try incorporating some colors. Blue is a great color that works well on all skin tones. It’s also readily available in all pieces. Another great color which works surprisingly well on almost any skin tone is a soft pink. There’s a reason millennial pink is even a thing. And it’s because it’s a very visually pleasing color.

I’m loving how bright and fresh this pink cable knit sweater is. It’s the perfect tone and pairs nicely with a pair of light wash jeans. I think the light wash jeans and white shoes amplify the pinkness of the sweater which was what I was going for. Always nice when those things work out.

Random thought… I’m loving how high tops are a trendy thing again. I could literally buy a new pair of sneakers every week (because there are so many darn good-looking ones) and 90% of them would be high tops. My favorite cold weather shoe is a boot and I feel like high tops are the boot of the spring and summer. Thoughts?


Sweater: c/o WoolOvers // Jeans: Forever 21 (similar) // Shoes: Converse // Sunglasses: RAEN // Watch: Timex // Bracelets: Giles & Brothers, Bryer Leather, Weekend Casual


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