Getting Clean: A Men’s Grooming Roundup

I’ll try anything once. Especially when it comes to grooming products. But here’s the way I see it… We shower at least once a day (right?), wash our faces, brush our teeth, do our hair, etc. multiple times a day. Just like they say that shopping for a mattress is important, shouldn’t our grooming products be though out as well? Luckily I’ve done a ton of trial and error when it comes to grooming products so I can recommend some of my favorites. Most of these grooming products are always stocked (some are actually on scheduled reorder) because I really love them.

Get Sudsy

One of my favorite soaps to use is from Dr. Bronner’s. If you don’t know Dr. Bronner’s products, you probably should. They’re a company that believes in ethical sourcing and gentle, healthy ingredients. Plus, their soaps can be used for cleaning everything from your dishes and dog to you and your hair. I’m a fan of their bar soap (specifically for bathing) in the tea tree oil scent. I have also used their liquid soap and it’s great too. It’s infused with tea tree oil which is great for acne-prone skin and hemp oil to keep your skin moisturized. I used it all winter and my skin was never dry so that’s saying something.

Don a Mask

Masks used to be reserved solely for the female sex which was just a sad time. Now men and women alike are donning masks and looking and feeling better because of it. Who says looking good and feeling better about your skin are reserved solely for women? I’ve got quite a few masks in my arsenal and they all have a slightly different approach. Two I’ve been loving recently are from Lush. The Lush Mask of Magnaminty is so refreshing. It’s got vanilla bean and peppermint, plus some bentonite gel which essentially means in 5-10 minutes you’ll have a refreshed, cleaner face with tighter pores. Feeling congested? The mint in this mask can actually help break up some sinus congestion. I know from personal experience.

The other one of their masks that’s great is the Lush Cup O’ Coffee mask. Now this one is a home run for me. It cleanses your pores and has freshly ground coffee in it to exfoliate. My skin has never been smoother than after using this mask. Exfoliating is important, especially if you have trouble skin and break out often. The less dead skin and impurities that are on your face to clog pores, the less likely you’ll break out. Plus the caffeine from the coffee does what it does best and actually wakes up your skin. I use it on my face, shoulders, back… pretty much everywhere. Lord knows I could use all the help I can get waking up.

Prevent + Protect

I’m almost thirty years old and my hair is already different than ten years ago. So in an effort to keep it healthy and full I’ve been using AVEDA’s invati men™ shampoo and scalp revitalizer. It’s designed to thicken hair and make it stronger. I have definitely noticed thicker, healthier hair which is huge. It’s never too early to start preventing the inevitable, in this case, duller, thinner hair.

Gently Cleanse

For years I used harsh “oil-fighting” cleansers and soaps because I have very oily skin. However, a year or so ago I discovered a gentler cleanser from Baxter of California that has really changed my skin. Just like hair, your skin adapts to how you treat it. When you use harsh cleansers that remove oil, your skin actually produces more to combat it. It took a few weeks for my skin to adjust to using a gentler cleanser (man those were some shiny days), but now my skin produces less oil and, as a result, I break out less. I will always have trouble skin with the occasional blemish or pimple (or three), but I feel better knowing I’m using a cleanser that is actually making my skin healthier. Healthy skin is happy skin, right? Right.

Got a grooming question? Need a recommendation? Like I said, I’ve pretty much tried it all so send me a note or drop me a DM and I’ll help as best I can. 

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