My Life, Addicted to Jackets. And Socks.

My wife and I both love clothes. So what do we end up talking about a lot? Yep, clothing. So the other day I was telling her how crazy it is how many jackets I have. And how I only used to have one denim jacket and wore mainly sweaters and coats when I could. No other jackets. Crazy, right? Haha so I guess it wasn’t the most riveting conversation we’ve ever had, but the point is that jackets are such a huge part of my closet right now. My bomber jacket collection has exploded. And I’ve talked about my borderline obsession with denim jackets numerous times. I love them as layers because they add so much interest and don’t always add a ton of warmth which is key to Southern California style.

Another area of my wardrobe that’s literally bursting out of my dresser is my extensive collection of socks. I’m such a sucker for a fun sock. Whether it’s got a cool print like I don’t know, mustaches, or a fun color combo, I am all about it. For Christmas I must have gotten 6 pairs of socks from different people. Hey, when you’ve got a thing I say embrace it. That’s probably part of my addictive personality. If you love it, have it all the time and in excess. But it can’t be all that bad if you end up with a killer collection of jackets and socks, right?

Find pieces you love and curate a worthy collection. For me it’s jackets and socks. For you it could be shoes. Oh wait, shoes are great too. Damn…


Jeans: c/o Mott & Bow // Shoes: c/0 Rockport // Socks: c/o WCR Co. (use code BRICKANDVINE for 20% off) // Shirt: similar // Jacket: similar // Bracelets: c/o Bryer Leather, Giles and Brother

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