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I know it’s only the beginning of August and I hate when people jump the gun on things like this, but I feel like I’m ready for fall. Am I the only one? I’m ready to get back to pants and layers and warm colors. I miss sweaters like the deserts miss the rain you guys (and yes, I’m aware I just quoted Sade). Regardless, I’m ready start the long transition to fall. I know fall won’t be here for a while (or ever since I live in So Cal), but it’s nice to mix it up. These new pieces from Banana Republic will do the trick for now.

Can we take a minute and talk about how great black denim is? They popped back onto the style scene a couple years back and I’m loving it. I think they look great no matter what type of look you’re after; whether it’s casual or something a little dressier. This skinny pair is great and I can tell I’m going to be living in these year round. Keep in mind that this pair is definitely skinny–my dumb calves almost ruined it for everyone but I got them in there and they worked out just fine. Luckily you can find black denim in most modern fits. Just make sure you choose the right one for you.

In other news, polos have also grown on me in recent years. Years ago I hated polos–they always seemed ill fitting and they did nothing for me. But polos have gotten an upgrade. This one looks great and is incredibly soft. Plus, it has button cuffs so I can actually roll up the sleeves during the warmer months and still get some use out of it. That’s what we call a winner.

As much as I want to dive head first into fall like the Olympic diving team, that I should try and look a little more transitional. I opted to pair a bright white sneaker (they are just the best might I add) for a little touch of summer flavor. And the addition of the baseball cap to give the look more of a casual vibe. The hat rounds out this whole look for me–it adds just the right amount of my laid back personal style and creates a look that I’m comfortable in. I don’t take myself too seriously and I always try and inject that perspective into my outfits. Style should be fun and since I can’t wrap myself in a toggle coat and scarf yet this is how I have fun.


Jeans: c/o Banana Republic // Polo: c/o Banana Republic // Shoes: c/o SeaVees // Hat: Urban Outfitters // Watch: Jack Spade // Sunglasses: Raen // Bracelets: Giles & Brother + Bryer

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