Here’s What You Should Wear This Fourth of July

Fourth of July is almost here and with it comes the usual BBQs and outdoor picnics. I always find Fourth of July to be a very long day. You start around lunchtime and spend the rest of the afternoon gorging on food and beer. Usually the day leads into the night so you can enjoy fireworks or a nice bonfire. It all makes for a fun, but very long day that can easily end in you being hot, sunburnt and exhausted if you don’t dress right.

The Outfit

Since you’ll most likely be out in the sun keep sunscreen handy and find simple ways to stay cool. Shorts are an obvious choice for staying cool. A lightweight t-shirt is another great way to ensure you don’t overheat. This henley from Mizzen + Main is a great option because it has the ability to roll the sleeves up if you get hot but can roll them back down if you get too much sun or it starts to cool off as the sun goes down. For that same reason I also recommend bringing a light outer layer when doing anything outdoors at night. Even if it’s a million degrees during the day temperatures can drop once the sun sets. For during the heat of the day a bandana around your neck is a stylish accessory. For one, you can get it wet or freeze it to keep you cool, but it also protects the back of your neck from the sun.

Another tip for dressing for the Fourth of July is to be careful with your color combinations. I am totally on board with embracing the holiday and the color scheme clearly. However, I’m not big on looking like you’re an American flag. I always err on the side of subtlety. Let one color outweigh the others. In this instance, the red shorts are more prominent than the blue bandana so that the two colors don’t compete making you look like a flag yourself. Plus, the chambray adds a tone of blue but isn’t overpowering. One of my favorite things about this look is the white Sebago docksiders. Made from white nubuck, they’re the perfect addition for a stylish summer Fourth of July look.

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 Henley: c/o Mizzen & Main // Shoes: c/o Sebago // Watch: c/o JORD // Shorts: Forever21 // Bracelet: Giles & Brother // Chambray: Forever21 // Bandana: vintage // Sunglasses: Spitfire

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