Jeans For All Seasons

Coat season is officially coming to a close in So Cal which makes me sort of sad. I picked up this coat from Zara this year and it didn’t get worn nearly enough. As I packed it up I kept telling it next year would be different but I’m not sure it believed me. And how could I expect it to when I don’t believe it myself. You just don’t need that much outerwear here in So Cal. The cool seasons are short… I mean it’s already ninety degrees here right now!

One thing I never feel guilty stocking up on are jeans. I work in a pretty casual office environment so jeans are a staple in my everyday wardrobe. Some guys love a nice suit but give a nice pair of jeans any day. They’re versatile and the slightly worn in wash goes with pretty much everything (even a coat you can hardly wear), no matter the season.

Get your own pair of Mott & Bow jeans (I promise you will love them!). Your first pair is 20% off when you use code BRICKANDVINE. Get em, wear em, comment below how much you love em! Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-2 Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-9Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-3 Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-10Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-5Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-4Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-8 Mott and Bow Jeans Zara Coat-6

Make sure to pick up your own pair of Mott & Bow jeans. Use code BRICKANDVINE at checkout and get 20% off your first pair. 

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