Thinking Back on Snowier Times

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It’s so warm here on the west coast that I thought a nice retrospective on my recent trip to Rhode Island would be a nice way to cool down. I have to say that it worked… I’m feeling cooler already. In all seriousness though, I know that much of the country is struggling to stay above the snow and for that I am sympathetic but what you have to understand is that I love cooler weather. I love the cold, the snowy weather and getting to wear winter clothing and living in Southern California doesn’t always cooperate. So when I see snow I load up on layers, throw on my fairisle, stock up on scarves, pull out anything lined with fur or down and I have an instant smile on my face. This fairisle, shawl-collar sweater was the perfect way to stay warm while traipsing around in the snow and while these Cole Haan boots weren’t quiet up for the challenge of 3 feet of snow, they sure do look good don’t they?

So I know that the last thing that most of you wanted to see was another picture with snow or a sweater and you may already have moved on to planning for spring but for now just humor me. Soon all you’ll be seeing are shorts and tee shirts and you’ll think back and wish for snowier times.

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