Gingham or Not to Gingham?

The timing of this outfit is pretty perfect considering Details posted an article the other day  about the overwhelming prevalence of the navy gingham shirt, and more specifically, the J.Crew navy gingham shirt.  So prevalent that it warranted its own Instagram account. It was an interesting article only made more interesting by the fact that yours truly was the lead picture to illustrate the opinion (see below).

Gingham Shirt Details Article

It’s a pretty amusing article nonetheless but makes today’s post a little bit ironic since I am wearing a J.Crew navy gingham shirt once again. The thing about the navy gingham shirt is that it goes so well with everything. This time I wore it with black to an outdoor wedding but it can be worn a thousand other ways. Maybe that’s why everyone owns it and maybe that’s why it has its own Instagram account. How many other articles of clothing can you say that about?

Gingham shirt and Tie 2Gingham shirt and Tie 4Gingham shirt and Tie 1 Gingham shirt and Tie 3

Pants | J.Crew  ||  Shirt | J.Crew  ||  Shoes | J.Crew  ||  Tie | J.Crew  ||  Tie Bar | J.Crew

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