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Flowers and Stripes 1

The warmer months have officially begun and with them comes a unique set of style dilemmas. I don’t know about you but I find it difficult to avoid wearing what feels like the same outfit every day in the summer. Shorts and a shirt. Shorts and a tee shirt. Did I miss anything? Yes, of course there are lightweight pants options and other lightweight layers but, as someone who is pretty stylistically realistic (and as someone who sweats a ton), when it’s already in the nineties out here in Southern California I am not going to be loading up on the layers on a daily basis.

So, I’m left to find creative ways to assemble looks. That means playing with color, texture, and pattern. For this outfit I mixed the large floral print shorts from last year (of which you can find so many options right now) with a basic nautical striped tee and the leather driving mocs are an easy way to stay and look cool. I’ll be looking for creative ways to stay stylish all summer long so stay tuned!

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Flowers and Stripes 2 Flowers and Stripes 4 Flowers and Stripes 3Flowers and Stripes 5

Old Navy Shorts (similar)  ||  J.Crew Tee (similar)  ||  J.Crew Driving Mocs (similar)

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