HOW TO: Light It Up in Style

Lighting plays such a huge role in a stylish space; it’s not just there to keep you from sitting in the dark. It adds drama and personality without stealing the show in a stylish space. The ting with lighting is that every space has to have it (don’t sit in the dark, it’s weird), so why not take a stand have something that not only brightens your space but makes a statement. I’ve scoured my favorite sources for inspiration and found a few amazing examples of how lighting can take a space from somewhat stylish to perfectly pulled together.

Mercury glass bulbs or glass bulb pendants are such an interesting and relatively inexpensive way to light a space.

I love these white globe pendants. They have a little vintage charm but in the right space serve as an injection of modern simplicity.

Then again, sometimes something with drama is the perfect finishing touch to a space…

(buy at West Elm)

Find more of my home inspiration on Pinterest.

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