Lightweight Layers & Sweat-Free Style

I love to layer making fall/winter far more favorable than the warmer months in my opinion (at least as far as fashion is concerned). The other dilemma is that I sweat a ton making it even more difficult to wear more than a t-shirt from about April until October in Southern California. So if you’re like me and looking for some solutions to your warm weather conundrums read on for some tips in lightweight layering and sweat-free style.

Lightweight Layering

Take this outfit below for example. I’m wearing jeans which can tend to get pretty warm. But pair it with a lightweight, cotton button up and a lightweight cotton surplus jacket and your body is able to stay cool despite wearing thick denim. Substituting the cotton shirt with a linen button up would make it even cooler.


Forgiving Footwear

This tip will not only keep you cool but it’s tactfully on trend right now. Everyone knows that your feet can release tons of body heat. Wearing slip-on shoes enables you to slip them off for brief moments to immediately take your body temperature down. Driving moccasins, loafers, and slip-on sneakers are in style for the spring and summer and can help you stay cool.


Ways to Stay Sweat Free

Going sockless, while a great way to stay cool, can lead to ruined shoes from your sweat. Keep your feet fresh and sweat-free by using a foot powder such as Gold Bond’s Triple Action Medicated Foot Powder. It keeps your feet dry, itch free and odor free. I’ve been using it nonstop over the past few months and it has   worked ever so well.

Another tip to help you stay cool and sweat free is to wear an undershirt. I know it sounds crazy but having a thin cotton layer between your body and your shirt can help wick sweat away from your skin and create pockets of cool air. Besides, it always acts as an additional layer that your sweat has to soak through–gross, but true. Don’t believe the cooling properties of the undershirt? Check it out here.

Jean // J.Crew | Shirt // J.Crew (similar here) | Jacket // J.Crew (similar here) | Belt // J.Crew | Shoes // J.Crew (similar here) | Gold Bond Foot Powder

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