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Trend Alert: Sweater Polo

Spring and summer knitwear is very much a thing and it’s time to get on board. Now before you start complaining about how sweaters aren’t meant for warmer weather, just give me a chance to explain. Two words: sweater…


A Few Spring Style Must-Haves

This is such a weird time of year. I know some parts of the country are buried under snow still but here we had a nice week of high seventies and sun. Then it got cool again. Today it’s…


Challenge Accepted

So I’m sort of clothing nerd. If you want to talk style, clothes, etc., always feel free to shoot me a DM. I love it! Recently, after I posted this photo on my Instagram someone sent me a DM saying…


My Life, Addicted to Jackets. And Socks.

My wife and I both love clothes. So what do we end up talking about a lot? Yep, clothing. So the other day I was telling her how crazy it is how many jackets I have. And how I…


It’s Winter! Time for Outerwear.

It’s officially winter! And unlike past years, this year in Southern California has been unusually cool. We’ve had a decent amount of cooler days, and by cooler I mean in the sixties (sorry guys). Plus, we’ve even had some…

Black Jeans Leather Boots

Black + Tan Windowpane

Two things that are blowing my mind even though they shouldn’t be… One, Thanksgiving is next week which means that Christmas is right behind it. Two, the weather where I’m at (Southern California) has been alternating between very hot days…


Boot Weather Has Arrived

Boot weather is here folks! I’m a boot junkie so this time of year is my all-time favorite. I could make a pretty strong case for boots year round but I’ll spare you. Instead we can just admire the…


A Pop of Personality with Soxfords

  I have a confession. Well, it’s not so much a confession as a statement that I feel you’ll be interested in hearing about. Lately, I have been having tons of fun getting dressed. Style is a personal thing…