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Clothing Conundrum

What does fall look like in So Cal? Yes, we get to wear sweaters. Just instead of long-sleeved, they’re short-sleeved, and instead of sweaters, they’re polos. In all fairness, this is in fact a sweater polo so I guess…


Form & Function In Perfect Harmony

It might be the best time to be in the business of sportswear. Never before has it played a larger role in both the athletic and fashion spheres. Running shoes and athletic sneakers can now be worn on your…


Blue & Tan

Looks from my Santa Barbara getaway continue this week and these Rustic Dime joggers made a repeat appearance, this time in khaki. Not sure I mentioned in my last post, but Rustic Dime denim is made in Los Angeles…


The Only Joggers You’ll Ever Need

To celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary, my wife and I headed up the coast to beautiful Santa Barbara. We ate, we drank wine, we ate some more and then we ate again (with wine of course). Aside from eating…