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My Soundtrack to Summer

I’m sure I’ve told you this before, but if not, here it goes… I used to work at a conservative financial company (eww, mortgages) where my dress code was the worst possible thing. It entailed business dress code. No…


Taking Risks + Talking Track Pants

It dawned on me as I went to write this post that I get some of the same type of questions/comments sent to me all the time. People are always commenting or sending me notes saying they like my outfit but…


Let Me School You on Comfort

Okay, so this is important. Oh wow you are probably saying, I better get comfortable for something so important. And you really should. Settle into a nice chair, get somewhere where you don’t have a glare on your phone…


Live in Color

A lot of guys, myself included, shy away from color. I tend to stick to a lot of denim and white. And tons of gray and black in the winter. But spring is the perfect time to reach outside…


The Death of the Skinny Jean?

Articles have been resurfacing lately claiming that the skinny jean trend is dying. And there’s some truth to it. Some. A lot of the latest collections, both “high” fashion and otherwise, are starting to offer looser, straighter leg options. Fashions…


A Pop of Personality with Soxfords

  I have a confession. Well, it’s not so much a confession as a statement that I feel you’ll be interested in hearing about. Lately, I have been having tons of fun getting dressed. Style is a personal thing…