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Living Room Redo

My wife and I have lived in our apartment for about a year and a half. Up until about a month ago we had been surviving on a collection of unwanted furniture from our family. Don’t get me wrong,…


Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping season is officially upon us and I spent all weekend shopping. The problem is that the more I shop for the others, the more I find for myself. I pulled together a mosh of my favorite things:…


Add Animal Inspired Decor to Your Home

There is something about animals that fascinates us human beings. Whether it’s that they seem like creatures from a different planet (I’m talking to you sloths) or if it’s because we see things in them that are just like…


HOW TO: Build a Terrarium

I’m always looking for easy DIY projects to liven up our home. Terrariums are an easy way to add a little nature to any space and they require little upkeep for those of us that have a less than…


Making the Most of a Small Outdoor Space

The balcony off of the apartment that my wife and I live in is a pretty decent size for one bedroom apartment. It’s about 20 feet long but pretty narrow (measuring in at about 6 feet deep). With Summer…


DIY: Upcycled Pallet Bench

The summer has officially arrived and with it, the warm weather and time spent outdoors. If you’re limited on funds but still want a way to enjoy the summer sun and everything that comes along with it then try…