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Brick&Vine: the shop

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Vintage Goods at Brick&Vine: the shop

I am addicted to shopping. Doesn’t matter what it is… clothes, home stuff, succulents, etc. Succulents you may ask? Yes, I have this bad habit of buying succulents, nursing them to death and then buying more as a replacement.…

Brick&Vine: the shop

Coffee Keeps Me Sane

Calling all coffee lovers! In need of some affordable decor to remind you of the importance of coffee in your life? Let’s be real, without that precious cup (or two or three… for me it’s about 7/day) we would…

Brick&Vine: the shop DESIGN HOME

Colored Slabs Wall Art

My wife and I are creating a photo wall in our bedroom and we were looking for some art to fill it. Since we live in an apartment with beige walls, we are always looking for ways to add color…

Brick&Vine: the shop DESIGN HOME

Liquid Meals

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to drink. It’s just something that I truly enjoy. Drinking brings people together and has always brought me happy memories (aside from a few mornings spent over the toilet with “the…