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Weekend Web Browsing // 11

This week flew by for me. Anyone else? I didn’t even have time to get any other blog posts up but there were a few things I discovered on the web this week so here you go. Enjoy friends…


Weekend Web Browsing // 10

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Weekend Web Browsing post and I sort of miss doing it. I’m going to try and post one or two (at least) each month. I don’t know about you, but time…

Old Navy Mens Spring Indigo

Cool Cali Vibes

It’s taken me years to truly appreciate living in Southern California. Quick backstory… I was born and raised in Orange County, California and have no plan to leave in the near future. See? Wasn’t that quick. And while I’ve…

Cocktails STYLE

Smoked Cinnamon Old Fashioned Recipe

The holidays are all about spending time eating and drinking with family and friends. There’s nothing better than playing a little Christmas music and sipping a good cocktail next to a Christmas tree. In thinking of a holiday cocktail…


Comfort + Joy

What is Christmas to you? To me, it’s a lot of things. It’s spending quality time with friends and family. Eating tons of food and enjoying delicious cocktails (clean eating can wait until January). But it’s also about taking…


A Simple Shave System for Ultimate Smoothness

I’ve had facial hair for a good ten (maybe more) years at this point. Sometimes I trim it shorter. Sometimes, usually in the winter, I let it grow a little longer and bushier. But nonetheless, it’s always there. But…


Bundled Up With Outerwear From Banana Republic

Okay so something crazy is happening. Lately, when I wake up it’s freezing cold (NOTE: freezing cold in Southern California is forty-five degrees) and I’ve been needing to bundle up like it’s actually winter. By noon it’s eighty-five degrees…


Dark + Stormy

It’s finally cooled off (sort of) here in California! You know that emoji with the hallelujah, praise Jesus hands? That’s what I’ve been walking around doing. Drawing some interesting looks from people, that’s for sure. But seriously though, it’s…


26 Things I Learned Before I Turned Thirty

Wow, just writing that title was intense. Thirty years is such a long time. And that’s how old I am. Head spinning, shortness of breath… and I’m back. I just turned thirty years old. Honestly, turning thirty always seemed…