Bundled Up With Outerwear From Banana Republic

Okay so something crazy is happening. Lately, when I wake up it’s freezing cold (NOTE: freezing cold in Southern California is forty-five degrees) and I’ve been needing to bundle up like it’s actually winter. By noon it’s eighty-five degrees and I no longer need any outerwear. Crazy right? Not really, since we’re in Southern California. But I just wanted everyone to understand the craziness a bit better. Makes getting dressed sort of confusing. Especially for my wife and I; two people that love sweaters and coats like you wouldn’t believe.

We recently each got new statement outerwear pieces from Banana Republic. Hers is pretty cool–sort of a floral take on a traditional camo pattern. Mine though… Guys, it’s intense. It’s such an awesome jacket! It’s a classic bomber style made from an impeccable wool fromΒ Mario Bellucci, one of the BEST wool mills in Italy. At it’s core, it is simply an amazing piece of outerwear. If you follow my on Instagram and saw my Instagram story a while back, I layered the jacket over a turtleneck and check wool trousers for a Christmas party look and it turned out great.

The thing that really takes this piece of outerwear to the next level is the shearling collar. I love anything shearling. I have this denim trucker jacket with a shearling collar from last year that I wear all the time. Shearling just adds another element to your look and it’s an easy way to create something a little more interesting. All this talk about the jacket and I completely forgot about the other pieces I wore. The chinos, per usual, fit amazing and the maroon color is so cool–especially for pants. And the waffle long sleeve underneath is the perfect base layer for any winter look. Especially for me here in So Cal where, if I want to wear a piece of outerwear as stunning as this guy, I’ve got to stick to light layers.


Long Sleeve Waffle Knit, Chinos and Jacket c/o Banana Republic

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