Clothing Conundrum

What does fall look like in So Cal? Yes, we get to wear sweaters. Just instead of long-sleeved, they’re short-sleeved, and instead of sweaters, they’re polos. In all fairness, this is in fact a sweater polo so I guess it’s technically a sweater. Right? So I have a confession to make. I have been having the hardest time adjusting to this slightly cooler weather we have been having. I was all on board for it, begging for the summer to end. Now it’s cooler and I stand in front of my closet every day so confused about how to get dressed. So I’m a mess.

One thing I’m not having trouble picking out is my pants. I’m loving these indigo slim fit jeans from Rustic Dime. They fit great, the material is lightweight so it’s perfect for transitioning to winter (or year round here in So Cal). But the best part is that they’re made in the USA, right in Los Angeles actually. I think that’s so cool when brands put American-made at their forefront and I love to support them whenever I can. One thing… I’m not sure how they do it but their clothing is so affordable for being made in the USA. Usually items made in the USA come with a made in the USA premium but they’ve somehow managed to create a great product at a very affordable price.

Sort of a shameless plug, but if you are into made in America products, I’m wearing in this outfit (even though you can’t really tell) my Colorblock socks. A while back I started my own sock line. It’s small right now but they’re manufactured here in the United States (back on the east coast). So show some love and support and go check them out at Thanks guys!


Pants: c/o Rustic Dime // Polo: Banana Republic (similar) // Shoes: Converse // Socks: Style By Orion // Sunglasses: RAEN


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