Rethink Your Skincare Routine

I’m a geek for grooming products. Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying out a selection of skincare products from a small company called Snowy Owl Cove. The idea behind their grooming products (both for women and men) is to nourish your skin with restorative properties found in nature. All of their skincare products feature essential oils and all-natural ingredients with the goal of restoring energy to your skin. And it makes sense since our skin is our largest organ. I’ve been loving their products so much. Check out my thoughts below and, if you’re looking to naturalize your skincare regimen, give their products a try!

Down Deep Body Soap

This blue bar is incredibly nourishing. First off, before we get too deep (haha get it?), I have to tell you that I’m a huge fan of bar soaps. It’s easier to pack all-natural ingredients into bar soaps. Plus, oftentimes, they lack sulfates which are the key ingredient in getting body washes (and shampoos) to foam. We think when soap is foaming it’s cleaning more, but in actuality, it doesn’t really do anything but damage your skin. Plus, sulfates can leave that soap scum residue on your shower walls. So from a lazy standpoint, I don’t like to scrub that hard so bar soaps are where it’s at. This bar soap is refreshing, leaves your skin feeling moisturized and is this gorgeous blue color so it’ll stand out nicely in your bathroom.

Score! Men’s Face Cream

I’m always hesitant about new facial products because I have very temperamental skin. It’s both dry and oily all the time. So I started using Score! as a night facial cream and I’ve loved it. It contains sunflower seed oil which naturally contains Omega 6 fatty acid so it hydrates and energizes without clogging pores. And that’s exactly how I feel after using it. My skin feels refreshed, tingly, and moisturized without feeling like I have a heavy layer of cream on my face. I love it!

Havana Style Shave Soap

I am a lazy shaver. I hate shaving (hence the facial hair) but I do shave my neck and try to keep my beard line relatively maintained. So I’ve used quite a few creams and gels over the years. I wasn’t optimistic about this shave soap so you can imagine how impressed I was when I finished using it and felt my skin to find out it was one of the closest shaves I’d had in a long time. And that was even with a 4 shave old razor blade. Now this guy sits out on my bathroom sink for all to see because it’s equally attractive as it is useful.

Shifting Sands Hand + Foot Cream

Now I have to be honest… I haven’t actually used this yet. However, I have given my wife enough foot massages using it to feel like I can speak to it. She’s loved it. Her feet, for some reason, were all cracked and dry and this cream has definitely improved them. It smells great and works wonderfully.

I’m all about all-natural ingredients so I really recommend checking out Snowy Owl Cove if you’re in the market for some new grooming essentials.

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