Fall’ing The Right Way

So lately I’ve been ready to transition to fall. And fortunately for me, the weather has been unseasonably mild here so I’ve been able to indulge a bit. As I say that, I’m looking at the weather report for next week and the temps are expected to rise into the nineties (oh, California how I love you), but for now I’ll just relish in this almost fall-like weather. Here’s how I transition to fall in ways that don’t require me breaking a sweat if the sun shows its face or huddling near an AC vent all day.

  • Darken your color palette. I love a good light wash jean as much as the next guy. But as the season starts to change, transition to darker tones and darker washes. Or, in this case, a darker colored chino. Loving this pair cool charcoal chinos—they’re the perfect base for any fall outfit.
  • Lightweight layers. If incorporating lightweight layers was a major, I’d have a master’s in it. Living in Southern California, you never know what the weather is going to bring. It’s important to pick layers that match the weather. In this case, a thin, lightweight linen blend long sleeve t-shirt is the perfect way to dive into autumn without overheating.
  • Show some sock. Put your no-show socks away and start showing a little sock. Fall is a time, theoretically, of crisp breezes and chillier temps so socks make sense. This look features a pair from my own line of socks in a classic polka dot. I love how the flash of print gives the entire look a little more personality.
  • Switch up your shoes. Your footwear plays a huge role in your fall wardrobe. Boots, oxfords, wingtips, etc. are all types of shoes that are typically associated with cooler months. Even though they can be worn whenever in my opinion, they just lend themselves to the fall season. With sneakers, while a year-round footwear choice, you might opt for a lace up or high top versus a slip on.


Chinos: c/o Banana Republic // Shirt: Old Navy // Socks: Style by Orion // Shoes: c/o Banana Republic 

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