A Stylish Office with Unproper

Back in January I had this crazy idea that’d I’d start my own business. I wanted to create a sock brand that sold socks that were made in the United States. It’s been a ton of work. Between sourcing materials, finding manufacturers, designing product, building the website. The list goes on and on. Part of the process in getting ready to launch Style by Orion was creating a stylish office at home that I could get work done in. While I can work anywhere with a laptop, I felt like I needed a dedicated space to be able to feel truly focused, store inventory, and manage shipments. It’s not completely finished yet (soon hopefully), but it’s been working out great so far.

Slowly but surely I’ve been trying to make it a comfortable space that reflects my style.My main concern when we revamped our office, since it’s not connected to the house, was that it wouldn’t feel like it was part of our home. Adding some greenery has helped liven it up a bit. And incorporating this candle from Unproper has made it feel like it’s part of the house. When you burn this one it has subtle hints of woodsmoke and earthy undertones. I love it! Plus, it looks freaking gorgeous sitting on my desk so there’s that.

I’m all about things that serve a purpose but they’ve got to look good doing it and this Unproper candle does the job. How can you run a stylish business without an equally stylish office? For me, supporting smaller businesses is important, especially since I’m trying to launch one of my own. Plus, Unproper makes all their goods in the USA which is a huge plus and harder than you might think. Go give them a perusal and make a purchase.


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