Let Me School You on Comfort

Okay, so this is important. Oh wow you are probably saying, I better get comfortable for something so important. And you really should. Settle into a nice chair, get somewhere where you don’t have a glare on your phone screen, maybe even pour a glass of wine. Unless it’s the morning because that might be frowned upon (not by me, but just saying). Okay so the important news that you had to get comfortable for is that I’ve discovered the combination for being super comfortable and yet somehow being super stylish at the same time. And for me comfort is king so I have to share the amazing news with all of you. The must-have, no-fail, always cool combination to a comfortable summer casual outfit is to combine sweat shorts and a t-shirt with socks and sneakers. I know what you’re thinking… What? This is all so groundbreaking and fresh, I’m in shock!  I know, minds are being blown left and right right now.

Okay so hopefully you kept reading and I can now tell you I was kidding. I don’t really think this combination is groundbreaking. However, it is in fact very stylish while keeping comfort in mind. I spent all of Memorial Day Weekend in these shorts. But how could I not? They are so comfortable and they look so on-trend and great in all sorts of situations. Plus, the look looks great with the socks and sneakers trend. These socks are so comfy and add a little pop to a casual look. These are from Neon Bandits, my favorite maker of athletic-inspired socks. Paired with my Converse high tops, the whole look is so effortlessly cool. Am I ready for gym class or am I ready to go to brunch? Who’s to say… I’m loving these trends, are you? Let me know by dropping me a DM on Instagram.


Shorts: H&M // Tee: H&M // Socks: c/o Neon Bandits // Shoes: Converse // Sunglasses: RAEN // Watch: c/o Timex

This post contains affiliate links on which I make a small commission.

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