Recycled Spring Style

Guys! Spring is here. And usually that means that I’m stocking up on new spring staples because it’s a problem that I have. I think I need to buy new things every few months (every few days really but let’s not get into a discussion of a clothing addiction). But, this Spring is slightly different. I’ve got a lot of financial things happening at the moment. I’ve realized part of being an adult is just giving so many people your money. Bills, life expenses, etc… All of that adds up to less fun shopping. Some of the things are pretty exciting and you’ll get to hear about them soon, I promise!

But in light of that, I’ve decided to limit my spring shopping. Note, I said limit, not shut down entirely. That would literally be impossible. But it means I’m going through my spring wardrobe from last year and recycling them this year. Let’s be real, I’ve got plenty of pieces that work. I’m glad I picked up these joggers last year. They’re loose and comfortable, plus they’re super lightweight so they’re great for warmer days. The fit is especially nice since a lot of my chinos no longer fit, haha. Leg days in the gym are finally paying off but not sure it’s worth it considering a lot of my old pants are tight to say the least. And then an oversized sweatshirt for the win–comfortable and super easy to wear. Then Adidas Stan Smiths, duh. Always, anytime, everyday. The results are a nice look that looks like I just bought it but I didn’t have to spend a penny. Not as fun but so much more practical. #Adulting


Pants: Old Navy or H&M //  Sweatshirt: River Island or H&M // Shoes: Adidas // Sunglasses: RAEN //Bracelets: c/o Bryer Leather, Giles and Brother

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