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It’s good to take a minute to relax and reassess every so often. Sometimes I sit back and think through why I’m doing all that I do. Life is busy and hectic and crazy but would I ever want it any other way? Between work, blogging, family, personal responsibilities, “me time”… there aren’t enough hours in a day. So why do I do it? Why do I work out at 11pm at night? Or stay up editing photos and drafting posts for the blog until 1am? For me, that’s how I know it’s something I’m passionate about. It’s all hard work but if it were truly “work” I wouldn’t be doing it. I took a few minutes (and only a few because it’s crazy busy like I said) to think about why I am doing all of this.

I’m thinking about launching a new exciting project in the coming months. It’s going to require a ton of time and energy. But it could all be worth it. And I would really enjoy it. And that’s what’s important.

For me, all of this (by this I mean Brick & Vine), is so fun. I love getting to write and own my little piece of the interweb; a place where I can do exactly what I want the way I want. I don’t have the most followers and I don’t make tons of money doing this. But for me it’s all about the journey and the process. I’ve met some amazing people through doing this and I really enjoy it. If you had told me 5 years ago that I would be able to write about whatever I want and get to work with brands I respect, I don’t think I would have believed you.

Now to the outfit… Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t get to wear ties all that often. But I just got this tie and I wanted to put together a great business casual look that’s 100% my style. That’s the fun part, getting creative and getting to express yourself through your personal style. I love a denim jacket over a dress shirt and tie–it’s the perfect high, low mix. These pants, the Traveler Pant from Banana Republic, are so insanely comfortable. It’s like wearing sweatpants but they like jeans. And, since comfort is key, I’m totally down with it. They’re the kind of jeans you could work in all day, wear all night, and ride your bike in in between. They’re that good.

What moves you? What keeps you going? I’d love to hear so shoot me a DM! 



Shirt: c/o Banana Republic // Jeans: c/o Banana Republic // Shoes: c/o Banana Republic // Tie: Knots Apparel

This post is sponsored by Banana Republic but all thoughts and opinions are solely my own. 

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