Perfect Grooming Gift for Any Man

This year I am making an effort to bring things into my life that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We have a relatively small space and no room for excess things unless they check both boxes. Switching gears, but I promise it’ll make sense by the end, as I’m a freak for grooming products. I love trying out new things, seeing how it works with my skin, hair, etc. I’m especially drawn to products that look nice as well as do their job. That’s what originally drew me to Harry’s razors years ago. Their products are sleek and beautiful but do their job so well (much better than a lot of razors on the market). Even the packaging of their shave gel is something to gawk at!

I’m obsessed with my latest haul from Harry’s. The razor stand is pure genius—now the world’s most gorgeous razor has a proper pedestal on which to admire it. And don’t get me started on the engraving… It’s the perfect gift for the guy in your life (most men shave so it works for pretty much everyone). I literally made space on my small sink counter to show off the razor. I feel like I should charge admission to anyone who sees it. The added perk of the stand is that if you’re a little scatter brained (which I tend to be in the mornings prior to coffee) it’ll remind you to shave. I hate when I get halfway through a day only to realize that I forgot to shave my neck and now I’m scratching feverishly, counting the minutes until I can get home and clean it up.

Perfect Grooming Gift for Any Man

The Winston: It’s gorgeous and feels great in your hand while you shave (plus you can engrave it if you like).

Engraved Razor Stand: The stand is a must because it’s so cool and I love how the engraving turned out–such a personal touch.

Travel Kit: Great size and the perfect way to travel with your grooming necessities–every guy needs one.

Lip Balm: Feels nice on your lips and doesn’t leave your lips shiny so you don’t look get that lip gloss look. Plus it has SPF 15!

Foaming Shave Gel: Love the shave gel and a little goes a long way.

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