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The holidays are closing in fast… Pretty soon the chaos of all this holiday planning will be going into effect. And while the holidays are nothing if not enjoyable, they come with their own set of stress and anxiety. Coordinating where you’re going to be the last two weeks of December requires a set of organizational skills only highly experienced assistants have. Amongst all the hubbub of the holidays it can be easy to get overwhelmed, or worse, sick. In fact, as I write this, I’m suffering from a little cold. But I was able to avoid all the other sickness that’s been surrounding me the past few months so that’s saying something. I’ve compiled a few tools I use to stay healthy and happy during the holidays.


For one, drinking enough water is a must. Water is essential to a healthy lifestyle regardless. And in times when stress and the likelihood that you could fall ill are high, it’s an absolute Godsend. A reusable water bottle is a must. I use this Takeya insulated stainless steel water bottle for staying hydrated while on the go and use a tumbler when I’m at home or at my desk. Granted, I work for them but the bottles are amazing and I can’t live without them. My nightstand has one, my desk has three (yes, three!) and my car has always got one in a cup holder as well. Hydration is health so stay hydrated!

Support Yourself*

I take a few vitamins and supplements to help keep my body as healthy as possible. I recently added a couple new supplements to my routine from Nested Naturals and they’re definitely worth talking about. Nested Naturals LUNA: this natural sleep aid contains things like chamomile, Valerian, lemon balm and other herbs and it’s designed to help you get a great nights sleep. Since I’ve added it, I can tell I wake up feeling like I got good quality sleep. Make those hours count folks! The other is Nested Naturals Mood Lift. You guys, this is awesome! I suffer from minor anxiety and stress (don’t we all) and I noticed a difference after taking this the very first day. It’s a combination of 5-HTP and B vitamins and it helps eliminate feelings of depression, anxiety and tension. Ever heard of those? Especially during the holidays, do yourself a favor and get this for yourself plus add one to everyone’s stocking.

Other supplements I use to stay healthy:

  • Nested Naturals Super Greens: full of everything to supercharge your energy, immunity, detoxification and digestion.
  • Vitamin B12: it’s great for keeping you energized throughout the day
  • Vitamin A: helps you absorb vitamins and nutrients found in food and other vitamin supplements. It’s great for supporting your immune system, your eyes and keeping your major organs functioning (heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.)
  • Fish Oil: contains omega-3 fatty acids (especially EPA and DHA) which is great for your eyes and keeping your hair and nails strong
  • Probiotic: promote a healthy digestive tract and help boost your immunity
  • Milk thistle: I take this every so often (usually after I’ve had a couple of drinks) because it can detoxify and protect your liver

It might sound like a lot but a couple of gulps of water later and you’re all done (plus you get a good 8oz or so of water in the process).


It’s crazy how much more healthy I feel when I’m in the habit of working out. Getting into a consistent exercise routine is important. And sticking to that routine even though the holiday season is hectic and crazy is even more important. In recent months I’ve been back in the gym and been working on getting on a schedule. There is such a difference in how I feel. I’m less tired and have so much more energy. My body is stronger and it’s helped keep me healthy. Even when I have gotten sick (curse you strep throat a couple of months ago) I’ve recovered so much quicker and I think exercise is a part of it. Besides, exercise is a great way to de-stress. Take your mind off of the craziness of the holidays and focus on getting your heart rate up. Need some workout inspiration? Click here.

*Note: This list of vitamins and supplements come from what I can tell make a difference for me. I am not a doctor or healthcare professional and actual results may vary. As with anything you put into your body, it’s best to do your own research and consult a medical professional.


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    December 14, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    Awesome recommendations! I’ve tried the Luna sleep aid and it works wonders, especially when travelling into different time zones… instead of the 2-3 days to acclimatise Luna helps me adjust overnight!

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      December 15, 2016 at 10:45 am

      Thanks Andrew! It really is amazing! I’ve noticed a huge difference since I’ve been using it and have recommended it to everyone I know. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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