Men’s Holiday Grooming Gift Guide


As I’ve said before, I love grooming products. So for me I love getting all sorts of grooming goodies as gifts. Below are some of my favorite holiday grooming gifts that I wouldn’t be upset about showing up in my stocking this Christmas.

Harry’s Shave Gift Sets

No matter the status of your facial hair situation, chances are you still need to clean up some spots every so often. I like keeping the majority of my facial hair trimmed and my neck shaved clean. I’ve tried all sorts of razors. Kinds that vibrate or incorporate “ionic technology” (whatever that is) and Harry’s is by far the best. They’re affordable and come in stylish colors and styles. This midnight blue razor paired with their foaming shave gel is great for the guy who needs to shave. So any guy. They are so great that even my wife says it’s the best razor she’s ever used.

Smile Brilliant

This is a great grooming tool! I’ve talked with my dentist so many times about getting whitening trays made and starting that whole process always ends up with me in shock with all the zeros behind the dollar sign. With Smile Brilliant you do everything from the comfort of home plus it’s affordable. They send you the tools to make your molds and they send you your custom fit trays. And if all of that wasn’t enough to get you excited, they have a desensitizing gel that helps you avoid the discomfort that comes with whitening your teeth.

Beardbrand’s Blank Slate Grooming Spray + Solid Cologne

I’ve talked about these two recently. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… it’s the best grooming spray I’ve ever used. And any guy, no matter his hair style can use a grooming spray. This one, with its combination of sea salt and natural clays, keeps your hair in place all day long, giving it body and texture, without falling. Love it! And the cologne is a great manly scent that’s great for throwing in your gym or work bag so you can always smell great.

Baxter of California Grooming Products

Baxter of California products should be in your grooming arsenal. I use about 6 of their products and I’m always looking for more. I particularly love their Night Cream AHA this time of year. Any well-groomed man will tell you that keeping your skin moisturized is key to keeping it looking great and healthy. This night cream is perfect for the Winter, when our skin gets exceptionally dry.

Kiehls Age Defender

I started using this cream a couple of months ago and it’s amazing. Smooth, healthy skin is the goal, right? We don’t like to talk about it as guys but I don’t think anyone’s going out of their way to get wrinkles. Enter this Age Defender cream. Plus, a little goes a long way so it’s a great value.

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