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The Story of a Man & Some Scotch

After a long, hard day at work or even an easy-breezy day doing nothing, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a nice drink. I love concocting easy cocktail recipes or simply enjoying a nice glass of wine. If you had asked me a couple of years ago what my drink of choice was I’d say it was a gin and tonic, hand down. However, something odd happened recently. I was driving home from work one day and sitting in my usual bumper to bumper commute and I got a sudden craving for scotch. It was a strange and bizarre feeling for me because I’m not usually a whiskey or scotch fan. I usually opt for a gin-based cocktail or stick to wine. So I finished my hour-long drive (thank you California for your incessant traffic), walked in the door and immediately pour myself a glass of scotch.

The Scotch: Fine Oak 10 year Macallan

I have a fully stocked bar at home so I have my choice of liquor but I went with this Fine Oak 10 year Macallan. It was marvelous. And I’ve been sipping the stuff ever since. My huge stockpile of my favorite wines is sitting there getting dusty and sad. But I can’t stop, I’m in a whiskey/scotch phase right now.

There’s no surprise that the Fine Oak 10 year Macallan is incredibly smooth and easy to sip. In fact, it has a sweet, honey flavor that’s very satisfying. I’ve been enjoying it neat and on the rocks with these ice balls (love these ice molds). I’ve gotten so into it that I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy a classic gin and tonic anymore, but, luckily, I still do. Now I’m just a more well-rounded alcohol lover. My parents would be so proud.



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    October 26, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    Yes, Ryan, we are proud!!

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