Grooming 101: Beardbrand’s Latest (and Greatest)

I’m big on grooming products. As a result, I’m always trying out something new. My bathroom is stocked full to the brim with all sorts of face and hair products. Those are my weaknesses. In fact, the struggle is so real that when my wife recently had some friends over, she went through my bathroom and hid like half of them because she thinks it’s excessive/embarrassing. It is a little out of control, but I’m a firm believer in mixing up your routine every so often.

For My Hair

No joke, I’ve probably tried out a hundred hair products since I was sixteen. And there’s a very good reason. Hair changes over time and depending on the cut and season. So every once in a while it’s good to mix it up and add something new to your grooming routine. It’s like shocking it back into performing properly. Not sure if this is a real thing but it seems to work for me so I might just be a grooming genius.

I recently got my hands on this new sea salt spray from Beardbrand and I have to tell you, I am in love. Unlike most sea salt sprays, this one has kaolinite clay in it which gives it a stronger hold than other sprays I’ve used. It’s perfect for my hair because I like a lot of body and volume and most sprays don’t hold up all day. Blank Slate does. Plus, it keeps your hair feeling light and product-free which is key. It’s so amazing that I caught my wife using it recently and she thinks it’s the best sea salt spray out there. It’s scentless so feel free to spritz away ladies.

Grooming 101: Beardbrand Blank Slate

For My Skin

Another exciting addition to my grooming routine has been this solid cologne. It’s mixture of beeswax and jojoba oil, along with natural scents that you rub into your skin near pulse points. It lasts for hours and I’ve gotten in the habit of throwing it in my bag at work so that I can reapply later in the day. I’m all about this solid cologne for a multitude of reasons, but especially since my skin is sensitive. I’m of the tribe that sprays a light spritz of cologne on my neck. After shaving my neck though, my skin is way too sensitive to spray most cologne on. It stings and is overall rather uncomfortable. So a solid cologne is the perfect alternative for saving my skin from irritation.

Grooming 101: Beardbrand Blank Slate

For My Beard

Do I have a beard? Or is it just stubble? Simply facial hair? Either way, I’ve always struggled with out of control split ends. Plus it gets pokey and brittle which can be uncomfortable. This beard oil is keeping my beard smoothed and soft. Plus it adds a light scent of, well Old Money. Sounds crazy, but it has these woodsy, peppery tones that give it a very refined scent.


I received the product for this post but the opinions and thoughts are solely my own. 🙂 

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