My Love-Hate Relationship with Layering

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I get a lot of questions in my DMs about how I get dressed each day. Where something is from or how I decided on sneakers as opposed to boots. Those kind of things. Side note, I love getting questions so feel free to fire away. Anyways, since I have been getting questions from different people lately I thought I’d share something I struggle with when getting dressed. Layering. I love to layer. But, as I often gripe about on here, I live in a little place called Southern California. It’s a wonderful place, but it is virtually without seasons. It is warm, it is sunny and while all of that I’m sure sounds wonderful, I don’t personally always love it.

That is where creativity comes into play. That’s why I love denim jackets. Denim jackets are one of my secret weapons this time of year to combat the layering and overheating conundrum. Denim jackets don’t cause you to sweat your butt off but you can still partake in layering. Another way I combat overheating is by layering lightweight pieces into the mix. This short-sleeve sweatshirt is short sleeve (duh) but is also super lightweight so it’s easy to add the denim jacket and not feel too warm.

This all sounds so crazy as I write it down… The thought that goes into getting dressed out here. But I’m hoping there are other people who go through similar thought processes when getting dressed. Right? Who knows… But if you have any questions about getting dressed on the daily, shoot me a DM and ask away!


Jeans: J.Crew // Sweatshirt: Forever21 (similar) // Jacket: Topman // Socks: Sprezza // Boots: Cole Haan (similar) // Sunglasses: RAEN

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