No Sleeves for the Summer (or Fall)

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These past few weeks have been dragging for me. I’m headed to Maui in 3 days and while I know it will fly by, I cannot wait. I don’t think I’ve ever needed a vacation so bad in my entire life. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve gone on a “real” trip and wow, can I tell. Focusing has been a problem, other than focusing on vacation. I think the problem is that I started looking forward to it too far in advance. But they say that the joy from vacationing comes from the anticipation of your trip/time off. So if that’s the case this trip is setting itself up to be epic. And I cannot wait.

I’ve been stocking up on pieces I want to bring with me to Hawaii over the past couple months. This short sleeve shirt is one of the many pieces that I picked up know it would be great for an island getaway. But, I couldn’t wait to wear it so I’ve already worn it a few times.

Side note, I feel like my style took a detour during the summer in a more urban streetstyle direction. It’s been a welcome diversion from the usual preppy hipster vibe I usually channel. Maybe I’m bored with the usual suspects or maybe it’s because I work every day across the street from a Forever 21 and they’ve influenced me a bit (for the better I hope). Either way I have a feeling I’ll be back to my chunky knit sweaters and work boots come fall. It’s nice to do a little reassessment every so often and try out some new things.

Getting back to the outfit at hand… this look is a great one to keep in mind as we start to transition to fall. Transitional styling is all about finding pieces from both seasons, whether it be summer to fall or winter to spring, that can work together. The summer to fall period in southern California is a long, oftentimes hot, time so short sleeves are a must. Mixing a short sleeve shirt with a dark pair of jeans and a pair of monkstraps is a great way to bide time while I wait for the cooler weather to arrive. That probably won’t be until some time in December, but I’ll worry about that when I get back from vacation. See you when I get back from vacation friends!


Jeans: c/0 Mott & Bow (use code BRICKANDVINE for 20% off your first order) // Shirt: Forever21 //  Sunglasses: RAEN // Watch: c/0 Coach // Shoes: Banana Republic (similar) // Bracelets: Giles & Brother, Bryer

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