How To Dress For a Road Trip

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This past weekend, my wife and I took a road trip to Utah to visit my grandma for her 91st birthday. It was a quick overnight trip but well worth the time spent with her and family! We couldn’t go through Las Vegas without a quick stop off at the 7 Magic Mountains exhibit in the middle of the desert. It was 111º but such a cool experience. Drive a few miles outside Las Vegas and in the middle of the boring, tan desert appears these amazingly colorful rock formations created by artist Ugo Rondinone. For me this installation is particularly exciting. I grew up driving from Southern California to Southern Utah to visit my grandparents and, believe it or not, the desert drive hasn’t changed all that much in twenty-five years. So for it to get an addition that isn’t a drive thru Starbucks is well, exciting. You guys, I’m telling you, the colors are so intense and saturated. Definitely worth a stop off if you find yourself in the middle of the desert on your way to Las Vegas.


A little bit on how I approach getting dressed when I travel… I always focus on comfort. When I’m sitting in a car for 6 hours I DO NOT want to be worried about a tight waistband or limited range of movement. I went with these drawstring shorts to avoid any lower body discomfort. On top, I went with a simple black mesh jersey. It’s pretty thick but it’s actually very breathable which is perfect when you’re in and out of the car in hundred degree weather to get food, gas, take bathroom breaks and pick up endless cups of cold brew iced coffee (hence the many bathroom breaks). As for footwear I went with a sneaker. Sneakers are designed with comfort in mind and are perfect for driving. Side note, I hate driving for extended periods in sandals–they’re hard enough to keep on your feet, let alone when you’re keeping your feet on pedals for extended periods of time. Lastly, make sure you’ve got a great pair of sunglasses. Squinting for hours driving through the desert is hell. Just don’t do it.

How do you guys dress for a road trip? Let me know in the comments or snap me on Snapchat!


Shorts: Forever21 // Shirt: Forever21 // Shoes: New Balance // Sunglasses: c/o Coach // Water Bottle: Takeya (Some links are affiliate links in which I may make a small percentage if you purchase)

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