A Stylish Guide to Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner (I actually thought it was earlier in the month but turns out it’s not). Shopping for some dads can be hard but for mine it’s actually pretty easy. For one, neither of my parents are ones to be unhappy about a gift. They’ll never tell you you didn’t spend enough or put in enough effort. With them it’s truly the thought that counts (at least I think it… they’ve never actually said it wasn’t so let’s go with that). Second, in the case of Father’s Day, my dad is like me. He has a variety of interests so there are always tons of viable gift options. I’ve put together a Father’s Day gift guide full of items that my quite stylish and interesting father would be happy to receive.


As a kid I always thought it was so weird to give gifts like tools because they seemed like they were always associated to work, never fun. But as I’ve gotten older and become a homeowner I’ve begun to truly appreciate getting tools as gifts because A) they are usually quite pricey and; B) you actually need them! I received a drill from my parents a couple of years ago as a Christmas gift and I’ve used it way more than most of my other gifts I received that year (except my Cole Haan boots… those guys have gotten worn more than I’ve used my drill, but that’s besides the point). Tools like a quality measuring tape or a sharp new retractable utility knife are always welcome because you always need them and every once in a while they need replaced.

Cocktails & Food

Like me, both of my parents can appreciate a good cocktail or a glass of wine. Cookbooks are always a great gift idea, and ones that can double as coffee table books are even better. Shake is a great book for anyone looking to up their cocktail game with simple, quality ingredients. It’s full of seasonal recipes that implement fresh herbs and fruit and each page is an art piece in and of itself. Another great gift for a booze enthusiast is a new set of cocktail glasses. Most people already have a set so they can’t justify purchasing additional ones. I received these copper plated Moscow Mule mugs as a gift a while back and I would never have bought them for myself but my wife and I use them all the time.


For years dads everywhere have received ties and socks for Father’s Day, but finally getting a pair of socks as a gift can be fun. Bright colors and fun patterns make giving and receiving socks a great option, especially if you have a stylish father. Plus, sites like offer up sock packs so you can easily order and have them shipped directly to your dad. Again, who doesn’t love a gift they can actually use?

Grooming Products

Restocking your dad’s favorite grooming products, especially if they’re specialty products, is a great way to get in his good graces. If he hasn’t upped his grooming game in a while it’s also a great way to introduce him to some of your favorite products. Currently, I’m loving styling my hair with these styling products from Julien Farel. And if you’re really looking to pamper your dad, or you’re feeling guilty about missing last Father’s Day or crashing his car back in high school, gifting a quality fragrance like the natural scents from ODIN might be the best option. I’m currently loving ODIN’s 00 which has notes of berries and pepper and combines to create a truly unique fragrance. Just a small spray goes a long way too so it’ll last forever.



Stanley Tape Measure // Shake Cocktail Recipe Book // Julien Farel Flexible Paste // Julien Farel Sculpting Gel // Socks // ODIN cologne // Copper Mug

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