Getting Creative With Casual Menswear

I’ve written about it before but it’s definitely worth repeating… I’m not your run of the mill dapper men’s blogger. You won’t catch me running around town in a shirt and tie or sporting a three-piece suit on any average Friday night. No, my style is a little more casual and a little more laidback but that doesn’t mean it’s any less stylish. I just like to be comfortable and don’t take my style too seriously. And, ever since I’ve started working at a more casual office, there is even less of a reason to formalize my daily looks. However, that’s only opened up the possibility for me to try mixing some of the more business-centric pieces in my wardrobe into my casual rotation.

This outfit is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. I took what would be generally considered to be a business pair of slacks and paired them with a relaxed v-neck tee to create the perfect combination of pulled together and casual comfort. This way I’m able to wear nicer pieces, like these linen suit trousers but in a way that’s more my style. Plus, this lightweight, breathable linen tee is a great way to dress down a pair of trousers.

This is a great way to think about your own closet. Don’t compartmentalize your pieces into categories like wear to work, weekends, travel, etc. Mix it up and get creative. I totally get that not everyone has the freedom to wear a t shirt to work but who says you can’t wear a pair of trousers with slip on sneakers on the weekend out to lunch? I don’t like boxes and I don’t like rules, especially when it comes to getting dressed so take a risk and have some fine. Remember, personal style should reflect you so try and inject a little bit of your personality into every outfit.

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Pants: c/0 Banana Republic // Tee: c/o Banana Republic // Shoes: Sperry (old) // Watch: JORD

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