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Back to school season was always a special time. It was the time of year when we would get new clothes, usually some jeans, a few shirts and couple pairs of shoes. Always a pair that I liked and one that my mom liked. I would wear the pair I liked better into the ground and then pull out the other pair and wear those into ground. More importantly, new school supplies. I’m a sucker for a fresh notebook or one of those cool binders that had all the pockets. Always have been, always will be. And you can’t forget the ever important backpack—that thing and I were attached at the hip. Shoulder? Back? Regardless we were close and a backpack was important. That is why I’m so excited about this Modern Varsity Campus Backpack from COACH. It takes me back to my childhood. But let’s be clear, this backpack is anything but childish. It’s made of pebbled leather and suede and can fit everything I need for work in it. It’s got a pocket large enough for my laptop can slide into with plenty of space to bring along everything else I need to be a functioning adult (or at least try). #adulting

The backpack is an incredible accessory all by itself but throw in these suede chukka boots and forget about it. They are ridiculously comfortable and are the perfect way to transition my love of boots into spring. They’re made of suede and leather with a cushy crepe sole and I can already tell they are quickly going to become my go to shoe this spring. I can’t wait to throw them on with shorts once pants season is over… I’ll have to tan up a bit though since right now my skin is pretty much the same color. COACH calls it Panna which means either a technique in football (soccer) or could possibly come from Panna cotta which translates to mean cooked cream. I think Coach is saying my skin is the color of cooked cream… Either way I’m beyond excited about the shoes so they can make fun of me all they want. 

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Shoes: c/o Coach // Backpack: c/o Coach

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