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It’s only just hitting me that it’s almost April. I’m not one that was all 2016’s going to be my year by any means but I feel like this year is just whizzing by. I guess it’s alright I suppose since I’m not a big fan of the first months of the year anyways. The good months are really coming up. Spring and those sunny, but still cooler days. Maybe even a day down by the water? Lighter layers and boxing up all of my bulky sweaters until I need them next winter. The other big thing that comes with Spring is spring cleaning. Does anyone else feel like they are always cleaning? Sheesh it’s just a constant cycle of dusting, wiping, etc. and then you still end up with an okay clean space? What’s that all about? I’m determined to get control over our house in the coming weeks and really figure this whole having a clean house at all times thing out. That’s real, isn’t it? sigh

I’ve been taking a lot of my own photos recently which is why they’re all up against this dull gray wall. That’s also why you can see the camera remote in a few of my pictures. What, am I expected to take the photo and hide the remote? It’s too much for one man! Hopefully my wife and I will get back in the game and start finding some new locations other than the side of our house. Until then the gray wall stays. But for this look in particular it’s somewhat fitting. It was a gloomy day, one of the few we have here in So Cal and I happened to be wearing all black and gray so it makes sense. You can’t go wrong with the combo obviously and I grabbed my handy dandy Takeya Thermoflask™ to get in on the action. I happen to work for them so I’m probably a little biased, but if you like water (which you should unless you’re like a cactus), you should definitely check them out. This guy keeps drinks cold all day long which is key to keeping my hydrated because I can’t stand room temperature water and don’t even get me started on hot water that’s been sitting in a car… 

Side note, I’m forcing myself to get more into Snapchat so give me a follow: bricknvine

Cold Weather On The Go -3Cold Weather On The Go -7Cold Weather On The Go -2 On the go style and hydrationCold Weather On The Go -5 Cold Weather On The Go -6


Jeans: Mott & Bow (use code BRICKANDVINE at checkout for 20% off your first pair) // Boots: c/o Volcom // Bottle: Takeya

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