Wood + Style = HUDWOOD

Wood has and always will be a classic material for all sorts of items; it’s sturdy, it’s elegant, and it’s natural. I’m in love with the fact that wood has steadily been entering the world of menswear in the form of accessories. Introducing HUDWOOD, a company taking the natural beauty of wood and transforming it into stylish accessories for the urban man on the go. They focus on the stylish guy’s everyday carry, creating beautifully crafted items any man would carry with pride. 

Their minimalist wood wallets come with interchangeable bands so you can mix it up every once in a while which feeds my need for customization, but my favorite part about the wallets is that it includes a coin box which is something I’ve never seen on other similar slim wallets. A slim, stylish wallet that can carry your change too? That’s something unique. The wallet can hold the coin box + 3-8 cards + cash or remove the coin box and it can hold 9-13 cards + cash. That’s more than enough space to store anything any guy is carrying around in his wallet. 

Another great piece HUDWOOD has engineered is a wood and metal carabiner for your keys. Now you can avoid stuffing your pockets with a overwhelming amount of keys and securely carry them on your belt loop or clipped onto a bag. They’re available in 3 styles and, while lightweight, are sturdy and strong enough to hold a substantial amount. 

Both the wallets and the carabiners are available in three wood grains/colors and, since they’re made of wood, no two items are identical. It’s just as nature intended. 

Check out the HUDWOOD Kickstarter campaign (they’ve already exceeded their goal) and stay tuned for their official launch! 

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