In Defense of My Very Full Closet

My wife and I love clothes. It’s a fact. Ask any of our friends or family members and they will certainly begin down a lengthy, albeit hilarious, rant of how we have too many clothes, not enough closet space, an at-times scary habit of buying anything and everything we think we need, etc. My argument in return however (actually make that two arguments) is that while we spend money on clothes we are both very frugal about almost everything else in our lives and we also only spend money on investment pieces that we can wear and re-wear for years. We either shop smart at affordable clothing stores/sites for pieces that we won’t feel bad about giving away in a year or so, or we invest in good quality pieces that we know will hang proudly in our overstuffed closets for years to come. Simple as that. 

My other defense for my overflowing closet is that I truly wear about 75-80% of my closet consistently. This outfit is a perfect example. This sweater is from 2007 or 2008, same with the shirt. Every fall/winter I pull this sweater back out and get a few good wears out of it while this gingham chambray shirt gets worn throughout the year a dozen or so times. I’ve done a pretty good job at keeping them in good condition and I neatly hang and pack them away when not in use. I can say that for a the majority of my closet so if you’re telling me that I have to look at these pieces that have been so supportive to me for years and tell them that they’ve got to go… well that’s just something I won’t do. 🙂 

These Mott&Bow jeans while not nearly a decade old like the rest of my look, are truly amazing pants. They are soft, comfortable and are hands down my favorite brand of jeans. My collection of Mott&Bow jeans has expanded over the last year or so to the point that if I’m wearing jeans you can pretty much bet that they’re Mott&Bow.

Shop all their fits and washes here, and tell them I sent you. Use code BRICKANDVINE at checkout and get 20% off your first pair! Tag me in your Instagram pics wearing your very own Mott&Bow jeans so I can check them out! 

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